TiTAN Sportstar 2-Way

TiTAN Sportstar 2-Way

The Sportstar 2-Way is the ultimate high performance solution for on the road. If you’re looking for the whole package, the Sportstar 2-Way has you covered. With this cutting-edge technology system, turn corners smoother, grip onto the road and reduce any type of squat without influencing rebound characteristics that are tuned optimally for the spring rate. With over 20 clicks of adjustment for compression damping and 14 clicks for rebound damping, you can now have full control.





Performance Tested 

This performance orientated system is the perfect installation for the tuning enthusiast who prioritises the performance of their suspension. Have full control and rely on Sportstar 2-Way to prevent bounce-back if you hit the curb . We stand behind our products and have tested them on the road and on the track!







2-Way Adjustment 

With 20 clicks of adjustment for compression damping and 14 clicks for rebound damping, the Titan Sportstar enables a 2-way adjustment. You can now have precise adjustment control and switch as you please.



Adjustable Height 

Easily adjust the height of your ride! This coilover also allows for height and preload adjustments. This means you can reach optimal suspension tuning while maintaining a stable, comfortable ride at all times.











2 Year Warranty 

Buy with confidence with Titan Suspension. We’re so sure you’ll love our products we offer a 2 Year Warranty for all our products sold through Titan Suspension.


Highest Quality, Guaranteed

At Titan Suspension, we stand behind the craftsmanship of our products. We pride ourselves in building innovative products for the motor industry of the highest performance and quality. Our products are for enthusiasts who appreciate and understand the underlying benefits of using custom shock absorbers and coilovers.


  • 20 Clicks of Compression Adjustments
  • 14 Clicks of Rebound Adjustments
  • Threaded Body
  • Preload Adjustment
  • Advanced Twin-Tube Technology
  • Cold Rolled Springs
  • High Rigidity
  • Road & Track Tested
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