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TiTAN Suspension Australia is the Official Distributor for TiTAN Suspension in Australia!

TITAN Suspension headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

TiTAN Suspension offers a wide range of suspension solutions to cater to nearly every application. Each product has undergone the most rigorous of testing and tuning on a vehicle specific level to ensure all products meet our stringent standards. All shocks are assembled in our TiTAN factory in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia with industry leading technical support and our expanding dealer network around South-East Asia.

Daily cruisers to performance enthusiasts - we deliver!

TiTAN Suspension opened its doors in the year 2000 delivering its first custom made shock absorbers to the automobile industry in Malaysia. After extensive research and development over 20 years, TiTAN Suspension has been offering customers high performance and high quality factory replacement shock absorbers options which applications range from your daily driven Proton’s to track weapon race cars and anywhere in between.

Our Story

We started from humble beginnings - circa 2000



Although TiTAN Suspension was established in 2000, this story started way back in the 80’s. Passion is what drove Richard How, founder and sole-proprietor of TiTAN Suspension, to consider providing custom-made suspension for a growing market. His humble story begins back in 1980, when he was just a regular car mechanic. Back then, Richard owned and drove a 1st generation Mitsubishi Lancer, taking it to work and back on a daily basis. It had a very soft suspension from factory, which he lived with day in and day out. One day he found himself tinkering with an Alfa Romeo Alfasud, and as he was finishing up he decided to take the Alfasud out for a test drive; a test drive that would spark his passion for proper tuned suspension which changed his life forever. Even back then the Alfasud was a remarkably advanced car, with factory-equipped monotube shock absorbers. This was a huge difference from Richard’s Mitsubishi Lancer, which only had twin-tube shock absorbers. The vast difference in ride and handling truly opened Richard’s eyes at the time. Running on the same tires the Alfasud could hold its grip far better than the Lancer ever could; yet over undulated roads it was far more comfortable. After this comparison, Richard could see the potential in a mono-tube design shock absorbers and how it trumped over his conventional twin-tube shocks.

A New-found passion

Mr Richard How - always tinkering and striving to improve


With his newfound passion, Richard set off to find the perfect shock absorber configuration for his Lancer. However after modifying his twin-tube shock absorbers countless of times, the way they performed could never match the consistency of mono-tube shock absorbers. As disappointed as he was, his passion to find the perfect shock absorbers still burned strong.


In the late 1980’s, the workshop where Richard was working in went out of business. By 1995, Richard found himself a job as a manager in a mass-production exhaust factory. He found that he had a natural urge to optimize things where he could, whether it was improving designs for car exhausts or finding a more efficient way to re-calibrate jigs. Although Richard made some improvements which resulted in increased efficiency, his boss did not like the changes and the way he worked. His enthusiasm meant he would experiment with changes and improvements first, and then update his superiors when it was done. Even-though the company was profiting as a result of this, his superiors felt undermined and their dissatisfaction soon led Richard no choice but to leave the job which soon led him to become a machinist.


From Passion to Reality



Regardless of what job Richard held, he kept his passion for suspension tuning burning through competitions. Richard had 2 main hobbies: radio-controlled cars & motocross bikes. Between 1990 and 1995, Richard took 1st place in each annual RC car competition he participated in, as well as podium spots in motocross competitions. The secret to his success was proper suspension setup for both his RC car and motocross bike which allowed him to stand out from the rest of his competition.

While competing in a motocross event in 1998, Richard got into a bad accident which forced him to work from home while he healed. But instead of being idle, Richard began to think of opening a shop that would cater to enthusiasts just like him: people in search of the perfect suspension setup. Over a span of 2 years, Richard pooled all the resources he could to open up TiTAN Suspension.

The idea of Titan Suspension was simple; A shop that catered to people looking for custom built suspension, which would be tailored to suit their cars and application. In 2000, Richard’s idea came to fruition and TiTAN Suspension was established. Richard’s design for TiTAN’s shock absorbers were simple in concept, but difficult to execute. Before the year 2000, nobody had offered custom inverted mono-tube suspension for the mass market. However Richard was still convinced it was the way to go; he had studied the benefits of inverted mono-tubes years before while disassembling other inverted mono-tubes and trying them out on various cars.

The major benefits with inverted mono-tubes is that they are much stronger due to the oversized piston rods which is apparent under hard cornering, a more consistent damping through better heat dissipation, and a lot more comfortable, yet firmer - controlled ride thanks to the extra capacity of oil & gas retained in the mono-tube construction.

For over two decades now, we here at TiTAN Suspension have been offering the same services that Richard was once looking for: custom suspension design that outperforms and outlasts OE and some inferior products, at a reasonable price for all car makes and models while constantly improving and updating our products and services which translates to the wide range of testimonials and customer feedback that vouches for Richard’s spark of passion.

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